Improvements in or relating to fixing panels in frames


1,241,055. Fixing panels in frames. H. WASTIAN. 9 Sept., 1968, No. 42746/68. Heading E1R. A panel 3 in a prefabricated wall is secured in an outer frame 1 against a stop 4 of the frame by an inner frame 2 which is clamped against the panel 3 and by an arrangement of pins 5 axially slidably mounted in one pair of opposite frame members e.g. the vertical frame members of the inner frame, and the pins being arranged to be displaced into slots 8 in the confronting members of the other (outer) frame, the slots being inclined downwards towards the panel so that under gravity of the pins the inner frame moves towards the panel and can be pressed manually into contact with the panel. The pins 5 have enlarged ends 5' and the slots 8 have a width to allow entry of the enlarged ends which retain the pins in the slots as indicated in the Figure 3.




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