Exercising device


1,240,198. Exercising device. E. E. HOLKESVICK. 17 Dec., 1968 [26 Dec., 1967], No. 60027/68. Heading A6M. An exercising apparatus as shown in Fig. 2, comprising a frame 10 of U-shaped configuration which includes cylindrical leg portions 18 of sufficient length to receive several turns of rope 12 interconnected at one set of ends by a curved portion 20. At the other set of ends is a cross-wise extending cylindrical retaining bar 22 which is preferably cast integral with the leg portions. A rigid guide bar portion 24 extends crosswise between the leg portions 18 adjacent to the curved portion 20 providing an eye 26 for receiving a hook or strap attached to a support as in Fig. 1 (not shown). Two opposed shaft members 28 extend transversely from the guide bar 24, each of which has a cylindrical roller 30 with a concave face 32 rotatably mounted thereon. Parrallel with the retaining bar 22 is a guard roller 34 with two shallow grooves 36 (Fig. 3 not shown) in its surface, and rotatably mounted on pins 38, threadably fastened in apertures 40 formed in the leg portions 18. The arrangement of the rope 12 is as illustrated in Fig. 2 with the loop positioned on one of the rollers 20. The ends of the rope are attached to handles 14, the number of turns of the rope around each leg portion determining the amount of force required to move the rope through the device. The rotatable portions 30 or 34 may be replaced by studs 30a or 34a (Fig. 5) which are formed integral with the leg portions. In another embodiment shown in Fig. 9 the guard bar is omitted. In addition the studs are omitted and the guide bar portion 124 changed to provide an inner annular portion 224a through which the rope is received. Specification 1,149,128 is referred to Reference has been directed by the Comptroller to Specification 1,149,128.




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