Electric hose with end fittings for a vacuum cleaner

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Cons Foods Corp
  • Publication Date: January 27, 1971
  • Publication Number: GB-1220330-A


1,220,330. Pipe couplings; pipes and tubes. CONSOLIDATED FOODS CORP. 22 April, 1969 [9 Sept., 1968], No. 20441/69. Headings F2G and F2P. [Also in Division A4] A flexible hose 10 incorporating electric conductors 11, and particularly for connecting a suction cleaner to the wand of a floor cleaning tool having a motor-driven brush, has at one end a push coupling 13 for connecting the hose to a suction cleaner and at the other end a handle fitting 12 including an insulating housing member 16, to which a hose end is removably connected by an expendable ferrule 26, a bearing sleeve 25 rotatably supporting a bent tube 15, and an electric plug body 17 integral with the member 16, and carrying socket terminals 18 connected with the conductors 11. The ferrule 26 is expanded outwardly to clamp the hose 10 against the member 16, and is provided with an aperture 26a for receiving a screw-driver whereby the ferrule may be collapsed when it is desired to remove the member 16 from the hose for repair of the latter.




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