A safety device for electric laundering hand irons


1,208,192. Holder for an electric iron. S. G. DURRANT and J. W. WHITEHEAD. 14 Nov., 1968, No. 53988/68. Heading D1A. In a holder for an electric iron, the iron rests in a body secured to the ironing board or the like which shields substantially all the hot parts of the iron has a heat resistant surface, against which at least part of the sole plate rests, and is shaped so that the iron slides by its own weight more securely into the device. As shown, Fig. 1, an iron holder may comprise a vertical heat resistant surface 1, a shield 2 and a horizontal, e.g. pivoted member 5 on which the rear of the iron rests and which is shaped to cause the iron sole to slide down and engage surface 1 which may be flat, recessed or projecting. A retaining clip 10 may be provided for the front of the iron. The stand may be secured by a quick release to the ironing board and may be removed still attached to the iron. In another arrangement, the iron may be put forwardly and downwardly into a stand comprising a horizontal heat resistant surface on which the point of the sole rests and which extends upwardly round the iron on all sides except the back where there is a wall 5 with a part 23 to receive the rear of the iron. The heat resistant surface may be hinged and spring loaded and the wall 5 pivoted, the whole being weighed down by the iron. A device may be provided for holding the rear of the iron which comprises a surface 15, mounted between bell cranks 21, which, when engaged by the iron, moves the bell crank 21 and a second bar 14 connecting them to hold the rear of the iron. A spring loaded wire 18 engages a cut out 17 in one bell crank to hold the iron which can be released by pressing down on it and hence wire 18. Wire 18 may be locked in position by engaging a lever attached thereto in the locking position in a gate, Fig. 15 (not shown).




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