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JP-2001160001-A: 半導体集積回路及びチップ間記憶部同期化方法 patent, JP-2001160917-A: 撮像装置、撮像装置に適用される制御方法、撮像装置に適用される制御プログラムを提供する媒体 patent, JP-2001161190-A: Combination of guide bar and holder patent, JP-2001161678-A: コーン・ビーム・マルチスライス式ct補正方法及び装置 patent, JP-2001162171-A: 排ガス浄化用触媒および排ガス浄化方法 patent, JP-2001163524-A: シート状材料巻き取り用巻芯 patent, JP-2001163692-A: 爆薬包 patent, JP-2001165154-A: Spherical hydrodynamic pressure bearing and motor with the bearing patent, JP-2001165220-A: Vibration control device patent, JP-2001166318-A: Liquid crystal display device patent, JP-2001166846-A: Clock distribution device patent, JP-2001168241-A: Semiconductor integrated circuit for evaluating filling material being contained in sealing resin and evaluation method patent, JP-2001168511-A: Bga mounting method patent, JP-2001169086-A: Picture processor, picture processing system, picture arranging method and storage medium patent, JP-2001169136-A: Document color remapping method and color area mapping system patent, JP-2001169252-A: 順次走査変換装置及び方法 patent, JP-2001170174-A: Checking system for transfusion blood preparation patent, JP-2001170282-A: 遊技機の入賞装置 patent, JP-2001172145-A: Composition for oral cavity patent, JP-2001172597-A: Method for adhesively bonding polyolefin-based waterproof sheet to concrete structure patent, JP-2001172816-A: 換気ヘルメット patent, JP-2001173561-A: Displacement fluid machine patent, JP-2001173627-A: ボルト patent, JP-2001173936-A: ごみ焼却施設におけるダイオキシン類の除去設備及びその除去方法 patent, JP-2001174065-A: 空気清浄機付温風暖房装置 patent, JP-2001174352-A: Pressure/temperature sensor and pressure/temperature composite detecting element patent, JP-2001174844-A: Liquid crystal display device and its manufacturing method patent, JP-2001174913-A: Display optical device patent, JP-2001175418-A: Storage media write system patent, JP-2001175424-A: 磁気ディスク装置 patent, JP-2001176090-A: 光ディスク装置 patent, JP-2001176792-A: 半導体製造のためのフォトリソグラフィ装置 patent, JP-2001177911-A: ハイブリッド車両のエンジンストール防止制御装置 patent, JP-2001177964-A: 接続部への埋設管の接合装置及びこれを用いる接合構造 patent, JP-2001179593-A: 金属管体外周面のバフ仕上装置とそれを用いたバフ仕上方法 patent, JP-2001180515-A: 作業車両のトランスミッション patent, JP-2001180682-A: 飲料容器の緩衝受装置 patent, JP-2001181632-A: Antioxidant patent, JP-2001181998-A: Safety paper, method for producing the same, method for discriminating truth and apparatus for discriminating truth patent, JP-2001182197-A: Commodity-mounting apparatus for partition apparatus patent, JP-2001182424-A: Pivoting part structure in rotary member patent, JP-2001182824-A: 車両用自動変速機のクリープ力制御装置 patent, JP-2001182883-A: 管継手 patent, JP-2001183163-A: 変位測定装置 patent, JP-2001184376-A: 生体高分子モデル生成装置及びプログラム記録媒体 patent, JP-2001185147-A: Secondary battery using nonaqueous electrolytic solution patent, JP-2001185312-A: ねじ込みソケット patent, JP-2001185627-A: Semiconductor device and method of fabrication patent, JP-2001185986-A: Piezoelectric vibrator, piezoelectric oscillator and method for sealing the vibrator and oscillator patent, JP-2001186991-A: バーベキューコンロ patent, JP-2001187011-A: Simple glove for preventing hand from chapping patent, JP-2001187593-A: バックライト付き自転車用表示装置 patent, JP-2001187894-A: 内燃機関用潤滑油組成物 patent, JP-2001188096-A: Method for manufacturing radiation detector of two- dimensional array type and x-ray shield wall patent, JP-2001188357-A: 表示素子用基板への樹脂膜形成法及び装置、並びに該方法を用いた液晶表示装置の製造方法 patent, JP-2001188359-A: エッジビードリムーバ patent, JP-2001188583-A: 音声符号化方法及び音声復号方法 patent, JP-2001188880-A: Identification tag and tag identification system patent, JP-2001188946-A: 自動販売機 patent, JP-2001189234-A: Layered capacitor patent, JP-2001189576-A: 配線締結具 patent, JP-2001190207-A: Liquid-absorbing wick and thermal fumigation using the same patent, JP-2001190214-A: Fish scale-removing apparatus patent, JP-2001190473-A: ブラッシングモップ patent, JP-2001191151-A: Quenched thin strip winding method, quenched thin strip manufacturing apparatus, and quenched thin strip coil patent, JP-2001191419-A: Thermal insulation plastic molded body and method for preparing it patent, JP-2001191586-A: 画像形成方法及び画像形成装置 patent, JP-2001192376-A: オキシイミノアルカン酸誘導体の製造法 patent, JP-2001192411-A: Polymer for irregular reflection membrane and method of producing the same patent, JP-2001192928-A: Feeling-improved viscose rayon patent, JP-2001192985-A: 染色方法 patent, JP-2001194528-A: Polarizing plate patent, JP-2001195579-A: Image evaluating device patent, JP-2001195654-A: Method, system and device for providing safe bidirectional service through unmanned modular kiosk patent, JP-2001196245-A: Reactor core patent, JP-2001196497-A: ウェーハ・レベルの集積回路の構造およびそれを製造するための方法 patent, JP-2001197553-A: デジタル無線電話によるメッセージ通信システム patent, JP-2001198333-A: Pachinko machine and storage medium patent, JP-2001198403-A: Filter plate tightening apparatus in filter press patent, JP-2001198721-A: Pin mirror cutter patent, JP-2001199293-A: バンパーメンバ取付構造 patent, JP-2001199605-A: Sheet discharging device and recording device patent, JP-2001200332-A: 高靱性非調質鋼 patent, JP-2001200435-A: Polyester crimped yarn patent, JP-2001200449-A: Circular loom patent, JP-2001200613-A: Manufacturing method for reed screen-type built-up reinforcing bar, reed screen-type built-up reinforcing bar, manufacturing method for roll-like reed screen- type built-up reinforcing bar and layered reed screen- type built-up reinforcing bar and construction method for reed screen-type built-up reinforcing bar patent, JP-2001201261-A: 炉の出湯装置 patent, JP-2001202312-A: Information display system patent, JP-2001202349-A: 半導体装置 patent, JP-2001204435-A: ヒジキの超微粉末を混入した麺類 patent, JP-2001205320-A: 厚鋼板の平面形状制御方法 patent, JP-2001205566-A: Resin-impregnated vitrified grinding wheel and its manufacturing method patent, JP-2001205620-A: アンカー穴の底部を大きくするドリルと抜けないアンカー patent, JP-2001206954-A: 架橋微粒子の製造方法及び架橋微粒子 patent, JP-2001207033-A: Die attach paste and semiconductor device patent, JP-2001207257-A: Method and system for manufacturing gmr film patent, JP-2001207607-A: Roof structure including solar battery panels patent, JP-2001207760-A: 伸縮門扉における転倒防止機構 patent, JP-2001207814-A: Valve system for internal combustion engine patent, JP-2001208302-A: 酸素燃焼ボイラ用凝縮形エコノマイザ patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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