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GB-1298444-A: Polyester-substituted organosilicon compounds patent, GB-1298618-A: Television system patent, GB-1298657-A: Polyarylene sulfide compositions patent, GB-1298677-A: Improvements in or relating to pressure control devices patent, GB-1299431-A: Improvements in fluid actuators patent, GB-1299852-A: Improvements in or relating to radar systems for moving targets patent, GB-1300460-A: Improvements in or relating to circulating liquid pumps incorporating mixer valves patent, GB-130141-A: Improvements in or relating to Controls for Aeroplanes and the like. patent, GB-1301996-A: patent, GB-130247-A: Improvements in Toasting Forks. patent, GB-1302482-A: patent, GB-1302644-A: patent, GB-1303122-A: patent, GB-1303570-A: patent, GB-1304452-A: patent, GB-1304633-A: patent, GB-1305019-A: patent, GB-1306007-A: patent, GB-1306068-A: patent, GB-1306742-A: Manufacture of high voltage insulated electric conductors patent, GB-1306794-A: Propellant compositions containing chromium-coated beryllium powder patent, GB-1306841-A: Determining intensities of spectral lines patent, GB-1307631-A: Trichlorotrifluoroethane solvent compositions patent, GB-1307733-A: Device for production of three-handled canisters patent, GB-1307920-A: Alarm clocks patent, GB-1308137-A: Processes for the preparation of esters by direct synthesis from alcohols and carboxylic acids patent, GB-1309013-A: Bis-perfluoroalkylsulphonyl alkyl compounds patent, GB-1309418-A: Toner replenisher patent, GB-131005-A: Improvements in and connected with Electric Starting and Ignition of Aeroplane Engines and the like. patent, GB-1310989-A: Process for the manufacture of insoluble synthetic products on the basis of epoxide compounds containing urethane groups patent, GB-1311529-A: Water-insoluble monoazo dyestuffs and process for their manufacture and use patent, GB-1311754-A: Apparatus for producing incremental movement patent, GB-1312610-A: Pistons and methods of forming pistons patent, GB-1312734-A: Circuits for characterindicating devices patent, GB-1313158-A: Cabinets for storing moisture sensitive objects patent, GB-1313349-A: Motor vehicle structure patent, GB-1314154-A: Hall element device and method of manufacturing the same patent, GB-1314415-A: Process for treating substrates of thin magnetic films patent, GB-1314520-A: Electric batteries patent, GB-1315563-A: Oxo-process patent, GB-1315666-A: Electric cables patent, GB-1315737-A: Pistons for internal combustion engines patent, GB-1316437-A: Process for manufacture of dyestuffs of the halo-trizine series patent, GB-1316443-A: Aerosol dispensing device patent, GB-1316568-A: Data transmission carrier recovery arrangement patent, GB-1319429-A: Arrangement for locking together two parts of a body of an open- end spinning unit against opening in the course of spinning patent, GB-1319462-A: Target structures for electron beam storage devices and methods of fabricating and using same patent, GB-1319501-A: Alkylene-bis-dithiocarbamates patent, GB-1319703-A: Motor bicycle assemblies patent, GB-1320171-A: Rotary kiln for shock sintering patent, GB-1320674-A: Hydraulic brake system patent, GB-1320738-A: Pesticidal phosphoramidothiolates patent, GB-1320813-A: Polyurethane foams patent, GB-1320903-A: Apparatus for non-contact measurement of speed patent, GB-1323566-A: Automatic apparatus for use in the carrying out of repair work in optimum sequence on malfunctions by grouped operating machines patent, GB-1323879-A: Process for the manufacture of a cellular polymeric vinyl aromatic product patent, GB-1323944-A: Wheel braking means for a vehicle patent, GB-1324232-A: Effluent treatment patent, GB-1324515-A: Process for the removal of metallic silver from photographic material patent, GB-1324548-A: Photosensitive compositions comprising bis-diazonium salts patent, GB-1324691-A: Phosphorus-containing polyhydric alcohols and their preparation and use patent, GB-1324852-A: Platforms for ceilings or floors patent, GB-1324866-A: Musical instrument patent, GB-1324911-A: Aminoesters of steroids patent, GB-1325590-A: Grenade thrower or the like patent, GB-1325809-A: Combustion powered chemical laser and method patent, GB-1325829-A: Process for the preparation of 1-aryl-3-anilino-pyrazolones-5 patent, GB-1325878-A: Lightsensitive material patent, GB-1326506-A: Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape patent, GB-1327943-A: Storage apparatus patent, GB-132828-A: patent, GB-1328606-A: Covers for flower pots and the like patent, GB-1328938-A: Electroless chromium plating process patent, GB-1329185-A: Control device for the stopper-rod of a foundry pouring vessel patent, GB-1329200-A: Food-conveying drum for a deep fat frying machine patent, GB-1331282-A: Method of producing control signals for controlling matrix display units patent, GB-1331452-A: Contact breaker assemblies patent, GB-1331568-A: Process for obtaining a differential white blood cell count patent, GB-1331985-A: Process for removing cyclopentadiene from c5 fractions patent, GB-1332625-A: Actuator cap for pressurised dispensing containers patent, GB-1332981-A: Manufacture of composite metal rod and wire patent, GB-1334450-A: Numerical control of machine tools patent, GB-1334985-A: Hatch cover patent, GB-1335129-A: Cycloheptene derivatives their preparation and compositions containing same patent, GB-1335687-A: Gift wrapping patent, GB-1335757-A: Impeller construction patent, GB-1335813-A: Transistor and method of manufacturing the same patent, GB-133607-A: patent, GB-1336773-A: Table with roll-top cover patent, GB-1336916-A: Bearings patent, GB-1337360-A: Extreme pressure lubricating composition patent, GB-1338557-A: Apparatus for use in viewing- x-ray images patent, GB-1339422-A: Refractory bricks patent, GB-1340479-A: Electronic shutter control patent, GB-1340757-A: Production of small diameter spherical particles by melt extrusion patent, GB-1341041-A: Tundish for molten metal patent, GB-1341215-A: Press tool for producing shoe soles patent, GB-1341764-A: Razor head patent, GB-1341883-A: Cut pile tufting machines patent, GB-1342048-A: Numerically controlled lathes patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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