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GB-1198983-A: Servo Control Systems for Hydraulic Pumps patent, GB-1199830-A: Precision Phonograph Record Disk and Method of Producing the Same patent, GB-1200903-A: Developer compositions patent, GB-1200942-A: Improvements in or relating to moulding boats patent, GB-1201003-A: Silver halide colour photographic material patent, GB-1201475-A: Fastener driving tool patent, GB-1201548-A: Reflective markers and reflective elements therefor patent, GB-1203506-A: Improvements relating to zoom lenses patent, GB-1203696-A: Radial piston pump patent, GB-1204064-A: Improvements in, or relating to, commercial vehicles patent, GB-1205037-A: Centrifugal purifier patent, GB-1206209-A: Improvements in or relating to ships patent, GB-1206385-A: Dosimetry composition for measuring ionizing radiation patent, GB-1206472-A: Improvements in electric conductors and electric power cables incorporating them patent, GB-1206696-A: Hybrid contactor patent, GB-1207101-A: Shell moulds patent, GB-1207786-A: Pressure-sensitive record material patent, GB-1208192-A: A safety device for electric laundering hand irons patent, GB-1208809-A: Process and apparatus for casting a plurality of photographic emulsion layers on continuously moving substrates patent, GB-1209356-A: Improvements in and relating to pneumatic tyres patent, GB-1209442-A: Improvements in or relating to pallet loading apparatus patent, GB-1209543-A: Improvements in or relating to semiconductor devices patent, GB-1209889-A: Improvements relating to processes for etching silicon nitride patent, GB-1210991-A: Cast-iron piston for internal combustion engines patent, GB-1211332-A: Process for converting saturated hydrocarbons to unsaturated hydrocarbons by oxidation patent, GB-1212017-A: Process for cross-linking chain-saturated polymers patent, GB-121234-A: Improvements in the Manufacture of Traverse Net on Twist-lace Machines. patent, GB-121263-A: Improvements in Universal Joints. patent, GB-1214125-A: Process for the preparation of halogenated esters for phosphorus acid esters patent, GB-1214380-A: 07alpha-AMINOPREGNANE COMPOUNDS AND THEIR N-ACYLATES patent, GB-121510-A: Improvements in or relating to Surface Condensers. patent, GB-1215242-A: Means for cutting off measured lengths of material patent, GB-1215265-A: Method and apparatus for transferring solid radioactive waste patent, GB-1215861-A: Cleanable stain-resistant fabrics or fibers and polymers therefor patent, GB-1217197-A: Improvements in or relating to flash-butt resistance welding machines patent, GB-1219024-A: New di-secondary diamines, process for their preparation and their use patent, GB-1219248-A: Coupling and method of manufacture patent, GB-121961-A: Improvements in Driving Mechanism for Fluid Pressure Engines. patent, GB-1219635-A: Device for remote checking of operation and sensitivity of radiation monitors patent, GB-1219776-A: Depth-type filter media and method of making the same patent, GB-1220330-A: Electric hose with end fittings for a vacuum cleaner patent, GB-1221191-A: Electrical heating device for fluent materials patent, GB-1221627-A: Improved oxime preparation patent, GB-1221685-A: Improvements in or relating to the cold-forming of annular members patent, GB-1222512-A: Improvements in or relating to hydrostatic cookers patent, GB-1222885-A: Flame-retardant treatments for cellulose patent, GB-122319-A: Improvements in Chimney Tops. patent, GB-1225691-A: patent, GB-1226181-A: patent, GB-1228474-A: patent, GB-1228653-A: patent, GB-1229186-A: patent, GB-122946-A: Improvements in Pneumatic Conveying Devices. patent, GB-1229473-A: patent, GB-1229923-A: patent, GB-1230291-A: patent, GB-1230309-A: patent, GB-1230377-A: patent, GB-1230592-A: patent, GB-1230867-A: patent, GB-1231238-A: patent, GB-123133-A: Method of and Means for Determining the Correct Amount of Material Required for the Cutting of Bespoke Garments. patent, GB-1232176-A: patent, GB-1233309-A: patent, GB-1233363-A: patent, GB-1233535-A: patent, GB-1234160-A: patent, GB-1234675-A: patent, GB-1234868-A: Container device patent, GB-1235874-A: Preparation of activated carbon for removing sulphur compounds present as impurities in gases, by adsorption patent, GB-1237407-A: Copolymerisation of olefines and dienes patent, GB-1237873-A: Improvements in or relating to machines for inserting paper sheets into envelopes patent, GB-1237896-A: patent, GB-1238378-A: patent, GB-1238571-A: patent, GB-1238662-A: patent, GB-1238669-A: patent, GB-123869-A: Improvements in or relating to Furnace Fire Grates. patent, GB-1239495-A: patent, GB-1239565-A: patent, GB-1239852-A: Improvements relating to semiconductor devices patent, GB-1239854-A: Improvements in or relating to tubular heat exchangers patent, GB-1240153-A: Combine-harvesters patent, GB-1240198-A: Exercising device patent, GB-1241039-A: Improvements in or relating to the handling of rod-shaped objects patent, GB-1241055-A: Improvements in or relating to fixing panels in frames patent, GB-1241665-A: An improved mixer patent, GB-1241714-A: Cardiac catheter package patent, GB-1242568-A: Production of acrylic ureides patent, GB-1242665-A: The treatment of suspensions or solutions of solid radioactive material in liquid patent, GB-124274-A: Improvements in and relating to Carbonization of Wood and the like. patent, GB-1243407-A: Packing machine wherein flat blanks are folded around article groups fed continuously therethrough patent, GB-1243576-A: Catheter support patent, GB-1244752-A: An improvement in or relating to window catches patent, GB-1246678-A: Polymerising lactones patent, GB-1246756-A: Measuring dimensions of objects patent, GB-1246793-A: Device for carrying out penetration tests in a bore hole patent, GB-1247158-A: Support for illuminated display patent, GB-1247434-A: Electroacoustic transducer patent, GB-1247511-A: Process for coating the interior surfaces of glass containers patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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